New Video: Digital Twin at LivingLab, Siemens

New Bioindustry4.0 video release

Bioindustry4.0 partner Biofaction KG released a new video!
It offers a closeup look at digital twin technology, filmed during a recent visit to the futuristic LivingLab at Siemens.

Founded by Siemens in Vienna, LivingLab is an innovative lab space set to introduce new technological approaches in process industries, and especially the pharma industry, to clients. Christian Glaser and Martin Joksch present one of the highlights - a cutting-edge fermenter and its digital twin. They walk viewers through the concept of a digital twin and show how it is implemented in real-world scenarios, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of biomanufacturing.

Discover how the technology works and what its benefits are in this video:

Digital Twin

Modification date: 06 June 2024 | Publication date: 06 June 2024 | By: Uliana Reutina