Bioindustry 4.0 is a cutting-edge initiative aspiring to shape the development of smart, sustainable biomanufacturing processes.

By perfecting advanced technologies such as process sensor prototypes and computational methods, including artificial intelligence-driven digital twins, design support systems and federated learning, we aim to empower the bioindustry sector, helping to push back the boundaries of bioprocess design and operation.

Our overarching aim is to make the development of bioprocesses faster and cheaper, and biomanufacturing more reliable.


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07 February 2024

Redaction: Uliana Reutina

Bioinformatician in the field of Natural Language Processing

New job opening at Bioindustry 4.0

29 January 2024

Redaction: Uliana Reutina

Bioindustry 4.0 annual meeting in Athens

First annual meeting
New job opening at Bioindustry 4.0

07 November 2023


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