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New Computers and Chemical Engineering article featuring Bioindustry4.0 research

Some of our latest research has been published in Computers and Chemical Engineering under the title "Soft sensors based on interpretable learners for industrial-scale fed-batch fermentation: Learning from simulations". This study explores the use of interpretable models like CART, M5, CUBIST, and Random Forest as soft sensors to predict penicillin concentration during industrial-scale fermentation.

Juan Camilo Acosta Pavas, Carlos E Robles Rodriguez, David Griol Barres, Fayza Daboussi, Cesar Arturo Aceves-Lara highlight how these advanced data-driven approaches, a cornerstone of Bioindustry 4.0, can significantly enhance process monitoring and control in the biopharmaceutical industry. Integration of these smart sensors will help to achieve consistent, high-quality production, aligning with the goals of process automation and Industry 4.0.

You can read the full article here:



Modification date: 03 June 2024 | Publication date: 03 June 2024 | By: Uliana Reutina