Stakeholder Info Sheet

Stakeholder Info Sheet

Document for stakeholders with project information

Our project places strong focus on potential future users and stakeholders, either from academia or industry. We believe that this will ensure that the services and tools developed within Bioindustry 4.0 are of use to stakeholders, irrespective of whether they represent large or small entities operating in the bioindustry environment.

Therefore, we want to involve our stakeholders from the beginning, gaining their interest and confidence so that they will remain with us until the end of the project. To meet and engage stakeholders, we will conduct a series of interviews and organise focus group meetings. For engaged stakeholders, we intend to organise co-design workshops aimed at establishing a user wish-list for future Bioindustry 4.0 related services. These workshops will be an opportunity for all involved to identify opportunities and express concerns.

If you’re working in the bioindustry (academically or corporate), are part of the digital scientific community, or are involved in policy making or regulations, get in contact with us. Whatever your present level of awareness is, we guarantee that as a stakeholder you will gain new knowledge about the cutting-edge technologies that are set to make a difference in your field of interest.

Bioindustry 4.0 Stakeholder Sheet


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